I’m a graphic designer and would like to work with you to print one of my designs. Can you work with me?   Yes.  Stobietown Press is built with the primary focus of collaborating with other creative humans. We do it for love.

I need business cards, do you print business cards? Yes,  with packages starting from around $150 for 150 cards.

Do you design and print wedding invitations? No. Never.

I’m in a band and want some gig posters. Can you help me out?  Yes. Gig posters are our favourite thing to print and we love bands so if you ask nicely we’ll probably do it on the cheap.

Can you manufacture and print my CD sleeves? Yes. We control the means of production here.   Our 1890s printing press can comfortably cut and print runs from 50 right up to 1,000 and beyond.

I’ve got my own artwork that I want on my gig poster or CD sleeve. Can you work with it? Sure. But within the limitations of the technology we work with.   We can convert your custom art to printing plates, carve it into wood blocks  or expose it onto silk screens.  We can only work with line art and text. No photos, gradients of other newfangled imagery.

Are you sure you don’t print wedding invitations? Yes, we are sure that we don’t print wedding invitations.